Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business/organization have a website?   The internet has changed how most people access information.  When was the last time you opened the yellow pages to look for a local business?  For most of us, Google and other popular search engines have become the preferred method of looking for things we need, including searching for a plumber, a restaurant, or a church!  Without a well-indexed website that is optimized for search engines, you will likely remain invisible on the world wide web.  We would like to change that for you!

How long will it take to complete our website?  Creating and designing a new website is a process that requires collaboration between at least two people (you and I).   Although a site can be completed in a matter of weeks, it often takes a couple of months to completely finish the design, depending on how many revisions are required along the way.  We will do our best to meet your deadline!

We have an old website, can you update it for us?  It is important to keep your website up to date.  We would love to give your website a complete make-over.  We can take care of migrating over your data and content into a new attractive and feature-rich format.

Can you use our existing domain name (www.MyWebsite.com)?  Yes, we can use your existing domain name, and are also happy to offer suggestions on improvements to your domain name, if applicable.

We don’t know what we’re doing, can you help us?  Absolutely!  Even if you have absolutely no computer skills or background, we can help walk you through the process from start to finish.  We are here to help you!

Should our church put our sermons online?  Although some pastors are not comfortable with having their sermons posted on the internet, we think it is of great value to have at least a few sermons on your website that represent your pastor’s particular style of preaching. This will let potential visitors know what to expect, and give them an accurate picture of your pastor’s preaching. Once your website is up, we will send you detailed instructions on how to upload your sermon audio files each week.

How does our church digitally record our sermons for the web?  There are a number of good digital records available to purchase.  Though it is not required, we recommend you purchase a digital recorder that has a “line in” port to receive a hard-wired audio signal from an external microphone or sound board.   Sermons are commonly recorded using the following settings:  mono (not stereo), 16kbps bitrate MP3s, a frequency setting of 11khz.  These settings should produce a decent quality audio file, that is a reasonable size for downloading and streaming.  Make sure to test your settings to make sure you are satisfied with the quality.  More information can be gleaned from Sermon Audio.  

Can we update our website ourselves? Yes!  Gone are the days of static html pages that required special software and programming knowledge to edit.  One of the great benefits of using the WordPress CMS is that you can create several different accounts that allow people to update the website.  The WordPress interface is easy to use, and we will help you learn your way around your new site.

What is Podcasting?  Podcasting allows people to subscribe to your sermons so that they will automatically receive a download of your new sermon right after it is uploaded.  There are a number of software programs that are used for podcasting.  Itunes and Feedburner are two of the most popular.

Can you set up a Podcast for us?  Yes!  We would be happy to get your sermons online with your own podcast feed.  We can even help you publish your feed on Itunes.

What is a content management system (CMS)?  A web content management system is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease.  Click here to read the rest of the Wikipedia entry on CMS.

Why do you use WordPress as your CMS?  WordPress is a heavily supported CMS that is regularly updated to insure its ongoing effectiveness and security.  There are thousands of programmers and developers that are constantly working to create new features and templates, many of which are focused on benefiting local churches.  Because it is so widely used, WordPress has a very small learning curve, and is easily used by most anyone who is familiar with basic computer and internet use.

What is Web 2.0?   Web 2.0 refers to the interactive nature of the internet that has developed over the last 5-6 years, and changed how we engage content online.  This includes social media, the ability to “comment on” and “share” content you find online.

What is Social Media?  Social media refers to the growing number of websites that allow individual users to interact and network as a community online.  This includes blogs, interactive invitations (evites), Wiki sites, social news, photo and video sharing sites, and much more!  The most popular social media websites are Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Tiwtter, and Blogger.

Should our church have a Facebook page?  Although we believe that every church should have a website, it is not of equal importance for every church to have their own Facebook page.  However, if you have members that are regularly on Facebook, there are ways to use it for outreach, and for keeping your people connected during the week.

Can Throw it Wide help us set up a custom Facebook page?  We can help you set up your own Facebook page including obtaining a custom Facebook URL, and a custom landing page.  We can also give you advice regarding using Facebook advertisements to reach out to those in your area.