Meta Keywords and SEO?

If you have been online for a while, you have likely encountered references to meta keywords, which are used to tag posts and pages online.  However, what many people don't realize is that using these tags will not help your search engine rankings. If this is of interest to you, I highly recommend you read

New Business Plans Added

When Throw it Wide began, our primary focus was on designing websites for churches.  However, the growing interest from businesses, organizations, and bloggers revealed that we were short-sighted in our initial focus.  So, today we added a new page containing plans and pricing focused on our business clients, as well as a business website planner. 

What is Google Plus?

For those of you who do not keep up with the every changing landscape of social media, you could be forgiven for not knowing what Google Plus is.  The new Google Plus is Google's rival to the social media giants Facebook and Twitter, and has garnered over 20 million users in a very short period

Great Websites, Great Service, Great Prices

Welcome to the new homepage of Throw it Wide!  We specialize in making websites that are attractive, easy to use, and simple to maintain.  Let us help you harness the power of the world wide web.  Use the links above to find out more about us, review our competitive prices, and contact us if you